ne:o - shirt
Pale blue for her in S, M, L and dark blue for him in L und XL. The shirts have a very good quality (manufacturer: Hanes) and are rather tight-fitting. You can order the them for 15,00 € each plus shipping (germany 2,20 €, europe 3,40 €) via mailto [at] neomuzic [dot] de.

CD  lp - illoj
digipack-CD of our new album "illoj", released march 2009 at the netlabel aaahh-records. The CD can be bought via PayPal. It will cost 12 € and a additional charge for shipping (Germany 1,45 €, Europe 3,00 €, Worldwide 6,00 €).
Ne:o illoj [CD-Digipack]
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CD  lp - musikkritik
cd-version of our first full length album, released december 2005 at the netlabel (book-like paperwork, pressing 200)
order from oder directly from us via mailto [at] neomuzic [punkt] de

CD  ep - neomuzic
cd-version of our first ep, released in june 2004 at the netlabel (printed paper board container, pressing 100. sold out)