this is the neoradio-banner. if you enjoy the radio and you like to promote it , feel free to copy this GIF (and the link behind it) to your website. we`d be glad of it.

the neoradio is a growing library of interesting music, which can be found as mp3s in the www. the radio is based on the software netaudio-musicplayer, created by fabien schivre [tokyo dawn} and moritz sauer []. it streams mp3s which are available for free, for example as netaudio-releases on one of the big archives like, and, or on an artist pages, who are not members in a royalty collecting society. the selection of the music is not related to a special musicgenre.

the neoradio offers different categories:
- favorites [netaudio-tunes we like]
- guests [our friend`s favorites]
- nice releases [complete releases, which thrills from the beginning to the end]
- neomuzic [our own releases]
- mixes

you can release the player from the webpage by clicking on "pop-up radio". by that the radio will stay tuned in although you might surf somewhere else in the web.

mainly the the neoradio streams mp3s with a bitrate of 128 kbps minimum, so that fast internet is necessary to enjoy all the music. in addition to that the current version of the macromedia-flashplayer has to be installed on your computer. just follow the link to find its download. it`s easy to install and done in a few seconds.

we really like to receive any kind of feedback, suggestions of interesting music, or hints to dead links in our radio. you can write to radio at

and now viel vergn?gen with our little radio!

and by the way, our previous favorites are available as podcast:

    includes all released ne:o-songs [92 mb]

  guest-playlist, compiled by matthias reinwarth a.k.a. xenoton

  guest-playlist, compiled by alejandro remeseiro
(konsumprodukt, prosper prowano, elias falken)