ne:o - direkt

Who remembers the winterly night of December the 17th of 2009 in Dresden, when we ne:os had been on stage for the last time?

The concert took place at the charming Thalia-Cinema and was featured by the Sunset-Mission. The small movie theater was nearly packed and on stage we wished for some space only to be able to stand. There was a strange atmosphere in this room. Nothing indicated a rock-concert to happen. The audience was busy to be very very quiet and waited for the music like spellbounded. And that's not enough: Outside we had the first snowfall of the winter.

With the help from the friends of seven-inch the concert could be conserved. This audio-recording now has been released as a live-album called "direkt" on our beloved netlabels aaahh-records and tonAtom. A happenstance which closes the loop: Those are now teamed, who supported us and our music in a very special way.

So, everybody! Let's got to the downloadpages! Those, who witnessed the concert, can try to sound out their coughs and those, who missed it, will find out, what a beautiful night this has been.

release-page on aaahh-records | release page on tonAtom



Coming Soon! MSC - ????? [tonatom.110]

Sebastian is going to release his first soloalbum on the netlabel tonAtom in May. A little video introduces some of the instruments he used to play the songs. Have fun!

Coming soon! MSC - ????? [tonatom.110] from msc on Vimeo.

Sebastian`s website: www.msc-rxp.de


Penta Music 0x002

On Tuesday the 8th of December 2009 we were guests in the pentamusic-radioshow. We chatted about our music, the bandhistory and the weird musicbusiness. Konrad Behr aka Bad Comfort also took part and we had some interesting talks. So, if you understand german, go ahead and listen to the podcast! And please visit the informative site presenting all the important links to themes we mentioned during the show. At least, many thanks to Jens und koeart for having us.

Download [122.9 KB]

info page


Plattentaufe at Thalia Kino Dresden

Although our current album "illoj" is a few month old now, we haven`t celebtrate its existence yet. But better late than never! On Thursday, the 17th of December, we`ll dedicate "illoj" a special night with some guests at Thalia Kino Dresden. The concert is presented by Sunset Mission.

[Start: 21 h / for Tickets (6,00 €) call 0351 / 6524703 (Thalia)]



Keyboard Rebel / ne:o - TOUR!!

The Keyboard Rebel / ne:o - Tour starts in 2 weeks:

16.11.09 // Essential Existence Gallery // Leipzig
17.11.09 // Breipott // Berlin
18.11.09 // Crush Club // Wittenberg
19.11.09 // Hafen 2 // Offenbach
20.11.09 // Plan B // Bielefeld
21.11.09 // Kulturbunker // Köln

more details.


Live in Dresden!



Autumn activities!

Netaudio Festival Berlin:

We are curious about the Netaudio Festival Berlin, which will take place from the 8th to the 11th of October at Maria am Ostbahnhof. More than 70 liveacts on 8 stages, a lot of workshops and lectures about free music are provided on this weekend. And you can see us performing live on friday the 9th at night on the „pop & triphop stage“. [Program]


We are busy organizing our tour for November. From the 14th to the 21st we are on the road in Germany together with Keyboard Rebel from Manchester. The first shows are confirmed, but still some dates are vacant. If someone knows a nice club in Germany we should play at, please contact us.[More information about the Tour]

Free! Music! Sampler!:

Our song inn from our latest album illoj appears on the Free! Music! Sampler released by the german musicpirates, a division of the pirate-party. More information (tracklist etc.) about the sampler (in german only)

Live in Dresden:

And we are playing live in Dresden as well. We`ll support the band Navel from Stuttgart (Germany) on wednesday, the 28th of October at Veränderbar (Görlitzer Straße 42, rear building). The concert is presented by artderkultur e. V..



concerts in july

We are going to play to shows next month. First we are invited to a little cafe called Bahnwärterhäuschen in Tharandt near Dresden on the 4th of july. Two weeks later on july the 18th you can listen to us on the Umsonst & Draußen Festival [free & outside-festival] in Dresden.



Our new album is out now! Go ahead straight to aaahh-records.net!

The new album is coming soon!

In the end of february the new ne:o-album will be released. Our new home is called aaahh-records.net, a very nice and charming german netlabel which no one should miss. And those, who haven`t heard about them yet, should click to their page and download their first 3 amazing releases.

The album will be available as a free download first, a few weeks later we will have a physical version of the album as well.

Besides: Milan and me have done a small thing for aaahh-records already. We followed their remix-request for Entertainment for the Braindead. Here you can listen to our contributions and to further very nice mixes. [Nr. 2 & 3 in the flashplayer]

So, please just be a little bit more patient.


good news!

Photo: Peter Seyfarth

our new album is nearly finished and it will be released in february. further details will be put up here soon, but currently we like to keep them a secret.

concerts? - yes! we are looking forward to play live again next year too. ne:o is now a quintet and since milan greulich (guitar) joined the group, we are very busy practicing the new material.

who likes to know about the next hot ne:o news, should be on our mailing list. just send a (blank) mail to infopost [at] neomuzic dot de and you will hear from us briefly.


from this week on our releases "ne:o - musikkritik [lp]" and "ne:o - ne:omuzic [ep]" can be ordered from two different mailorders.

www.klangware.com is the name of the new german mailorder which is specialized in independent and electronic music from well known and underground labels and artists.

ne:o-fans from the united kingdom can visit www.normanrecords.com to order our latest longplayer.

ne:o at klangware.com  &  normanrecords.com

in dresden you can find our current album in the recordstore zentralohrgan.
tonatom.050 - v/a fuenfzig / vier / sechzehn

tonatom is celebrating its 4th birthday with a special release. "fuenfzig / vier / sechzehn" is a mix of 16 songs from 16 tonatom artists. with the help from a list [the "international netaudio chain letter"] each artist created a song and passed its last 30 seconds to the next artist in the row. finally everthing was combined to one mix, resulting in 55 minutes of tonatom label sound.we are part of this mix, too. our song is called "cebra". we hope you will enjoy it.

although the mix consists of one mp3 only you can jump and than listen to single songs by using the cue-list. you can find it on the download page also. just save the text which appears in your browser-window with a ".cue" - extension to the same folder as the mp3-file and open it with your audioplayer. [the audioplayer foobar2000 can read cues.]

our new album "musikkritik" is now available on cd. we made a small edition of 200 copies, stylishly boxed in hand crafted book-like paperwork. it can be ordered in our small web shop, but you also can collect it directly from us at home. of course our album is still available as free download on the netlabel tonatom.net.
just in time for our second birthday we released our first full length album called "musikkritik". it comes out on the netlabel tonatom, where we already published our first ep called "ne:omuzic". all tracks of our new album can be downloaded for free, but a boxed cd-version will be available soon.

follow the link to download all tracks.
konsumprodukt - mixtape: the spanish artist alejandro remeseiro, also known as konsumprodukt (releases on tonatom.net and redantenna.tv), has put out a mixtape [op3n.003] on the netlabel www.op3n.net, and it goes straight into your legs. the tape includes 17 tracks from house to electro. all, who are not discouraged by a 118mb download size, can find everything (download, playlist etc.) at op3n.net. we are happy to be part of it, with the track "bob" from our first ep.